How We Help Successful Entrepreneurs
Simplify and Grow

Premier Business Simplification Coaching™ for Top Entrepreneurs

Entre Coach was designed by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Our unique program has one aim, to help you simplify your day to day life, and reclaim and expand your personal freedoms so you and your company can grow.

It’s a total support system providing you with the structure, tools and support you need to get clear about your business and life goals and the game plan to achieve them.

It’s not a quick fix but a transformative journey that builds on previous accomplishments and leverages your unique talent to create an even bigger and better future.

Here’s how the program works

frogworksYour FrogWorks™ 2-day strategy session will simplify your thinking and enrich your perspective. This will empower you to courageously confront your realities and establish baseline priorities. Then you will learn about an innovative system to tighten your focus so your time, talent and energy can be leveraged to multiply your productivity, profitability and fulfillment.

At the conclusion of your FrogWorks™ you’ll leave armed with a step-by-step quarterly action plan, fresh thinking, new enthusiasm, and clarity about where you are headed PLUS a unique set of thinking tools to maximize your effectiveness.

You’re establishing the framework to make and keep your world SIMPLE. To reclaim and expand your freedoms. And to begin making the shift from incremental to exponential growth in both your business and life.

Execute Plan

Moving forward your job is to execute your plan with courage and discipline. Our job is to keep you focused and accountable. To pull you forward into a bigger and better future through weekly coaching and accountability calls.

Get Coached

These weekly calls are driven by a simple agenda designed to make what you are thinking and feeling visible. Then you’ll be empowered to make real time adjustments, make wiser decisions and take bigger, bolder actions. Producing bigger and better results week after week.

Make Adjustments

At the conclusion of each quarter we’ll dig a little deeper. Using what has been learned during the previous period to accelerate and multiply your best results in the coming quarter.