What is a Self-Managing Business?

What is a Self-Managing Business?

The greatest reward you can give yourself as an entrepreneur is “More Time, Money and Fun” by transforming your company into a self-managing business.

Many entrepreneurs say; “I built a successful business but I lost myself in the process. How do I create a better future for my company while flourishing personally?”

My response: Have you thought about transforming your company into a self-managing business?

  • one that operates and grows without you making all the decisions
  • so you don’t have to sacrifice the people and things you love
  • where you are freed from the boring, energy-draining activities you hate
  • and free to pursue the interests and work you most love

A Self-Managing Business is the Most Worthwhile Goal You’ll Ever Achieve.

No doubt about it, transforming an existing business into a company that manages itself takes time. And it is difficult.

Size and complexity of an operation determine how long it takes. In general, about 2-4 years to complete the transformation into a fully functioning self-managing organization.

It is important to note that just because it takes time does not mean you have wait long for tangible results.

Quite the contrary.

You’ll get freed up from many of the soul-sucking, nonproductive, unprofitable, energy-draining activities almost immediately.

Liberating you to envision a bigger and better future. Empowering you to simplify and design more effective and efficient systems. Equipping you and your team to increase value creation exponentially.

When it’s all said and done, you and everyone you know will say it was the most worthwhile goal you ever pursued and achieved.

Everyone Wins When Free to Be Themselves

When you are free to do only what you love and what helps to grow your business—you win.

When the members of your team are also free to do what they love and help to grow your business—everyone wins.

Insight: Someone loves to do what you hate doing; just as someone hates doing what you love to do.

Building a team of entrepreneurial-type-people is the key. Folks who take ownership of their responsibilities and are self-motivated to do the right stuff, right. People with the ambition and will to win. Teammates who will move heaven and earth to ensure the success of their company.

Unleashing the energy, enthusiasm, talent, and ingenuity of every member of your team. That is the first step in transforming your company into a self-managing business.

Freedom is the primary asset of a self-managing business. But there are many additional benefits, such as…

  • No negative impact on growth if something should happen to you
  • Increased valuation since growth is based on your system instead of you.
  • Highly scalable and adaptable to challenges and opportunities
  • Maximized return on labor and payroll.
  • Fiercely loyal employees.

Make the Shift From Control to Freedom

Reclaim and expand your freedom. Simplify your day-to-day operation. Create a future 10X bigger-better-and-more-rewarding than anything you’ve  already done.

Make the decision to transform your company into a self-managing business.  Contact us or call (757) 284-1939 to learn more.