Who We Are

Entre Coach was conceived by our Founder and President, Les Dossey. Les and his indispensable and growing team of talented, passionate, and motivated people have one vision.

To help each of our ideal entrepreneurial clients simplify everything in their world so they can grow and flourish in their business ventures—and equally important— in their personal life.

We like to refer to ourselves as the “Simplification Coaching Company.”

How We Got Here

Les’ journey as an entrepreneur spans thirty-seven years. Along the way he experienced success, and many years of setbacks and tragedies. A few of those heartaches include the death of his five year old son and both younger siblings. The failure of two marriages and a failed partnership. And that’s just scratching the surface.

Even though at times the pain was unbearable, somewhere deep inside, Les was convinced that there was a way to break free from the struggle. To not only free himself from the pain, but to free himself to grow and flourish across every dimension of his business and life. To make the shift from enduring life to thoroughly enjoying every moment of every day.

Although the transformation has taken many years and is still evolving, Entre Coach and the premier business coaching program that Les built emerged from the ashes. With a simple, elegant system of principles, thinking models and growth strategies that empower our clients to create much bigger and better futures for themselves and those they love.

Why We Do What We Do.

We believe every human being plays a role and is responsible for the advancement of human flourishing. However, it is our core conviction that our ideal entrepreneurial clients were specifically created by God to help advance and accelerate human flourishing. Therefore, we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility and commitment to help our clients achieve their vision and missions.

Our Mission: Where We Are Headed!

Our mission is simple. Over the next 25 years we aim to help one million entrepreneurs simplify and grow their business and life 10 times. To help one-hundred thousand entrepreneurial pastors simplify and multiply their impact 10 times. And last but not least develop a gamified learning platform that will expedite the integration of these principles, thinking models, and growth strategies among ten million entrepreneurial children.